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Sailing ships, Albania

  • Design:Allan Palmer
  • Date of issue:01.02.2018
  • Size of stamps: 40 x 30 mm
  • Size of sheet: 2 x 12 stamps
  • Perforation: 12 per 2 cm
  • Printing method: 4-colour offset
  • Printing house: Bpost
  • Description:

    Featuring full-rigged clipper Albania, the stamp is part of a 6-year sailing ship series that also includes stamps featuring the schooner Leo and the barquentine Lemland (2015), the brig Altai and the barque Pehr Brahe (2016) and the full-rigged clipper Mermerus and the barque Mariehamn (2017) and the schooner Atlas (2018).


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Sailing ships, Albania
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