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Q & A

My special ordering code cannot be stated in the field provided for the same. How do I proceed?

Only ordering codes releasing a discount can be stated in the field for ordering codes. Other promotional codes can be stated in the Message field below before you send your order to us.

I am a Bronze customer of Åland Post Stamps. When I place my supplementary order in your web shop, I pay a handling fee of €1 € or €3 (small orders). Am I correct in understanding that the handling fee would otherwise be €1.50 € or €3.50?

Yes, you are correct. The handling fee applied on orders in our web shop is always €1 (small-order-fee €2 on orders below €20). The same fee applies on all customer levels.

May I order through your web shop even though I don't remember my customer number?

Yes, you may. We have your customer number on file.

Do you supply older stamps and collectibles?

A choice of previously issued products is still available to order; we advise you to always consult with us.

How can I make a deposit to my customer account?

We advise our customers to use the safe and encrypted link of the credit card company, easily accessed from our web site.

Will you send my order as registered mail?

Yes, we will send your delivery as registered letter upon request; tick the box for registered mail on the page for mode of delivery. The registration fee is €10.00. 

My credit card has been charged for the order for various products I placed more than a month ago. However, I have still not received anything from you. Has my order gone missing?

If your order includes new stamp issues or products which will not be available until later, your order will be shipped around the date of issue of the latest issue.

I wish to change my login details for access to your web shop. How do I proceed?

If you wish to change your password or e-mail address, you first login as usual. Choose My Details. Scroll down and click on Create New Password or E-Mail. Follow the instructions.

I have placed an order in your web shop. Please charge my credit card which you have on file.

We no longer keep your credit card details on file. Please be sure to make your payment online when placing your order. Alternatively, you can pay upon receipt, using the secure and encrypted link from our homepage to the pages of the credit card company. Follow the instructions and remember that your account number consists of 9 digits, whereas your latest delivery number consists of only 7 digits.

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