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About us

The Åland Post is the youngest of the Nordic postal administrations. The postal history of Åland dates back to the year 1638 when Sweden began postal services across Åland to the Finnish half of the kingdom. In 1809, the Russian empire assumed responsibility of the postal services and the responsibility was passed on to the recently formed Republic of Finland in 1917.

On 1 January 1993, the autonomous province of Åland assumed responsibility for the postal services and the Åland Post became an independent postal administration. The Åland Post is a business enterprise with some 240 employees and a total of 20 post offices and post representatives. Åland Post Stamps is responsible for the issuing of Åland stamps.

The first Åland stamps were issued on 1 March 1984. The stamp motifs depict the Åland nature, culture, history, society and autonomy and are the result of skilful craftsmanship; each stamp is a small-sized work of art.

Åland is an attractive and inexpensive stamp country. Each year, the Åland Post issues approx. 15 stamps. The number of stamps and their denominations are based on the postal needs in Åland. The stamp motifs have a connection to Åland. A stable value is maintained by a strict and moderate issuing policy combined with beautiful motifs and high quality.

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