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Christmas 2017, Gingerbread house/1

  • Design:Micael de Haas
  • Date of issue:09.10.2017
  • Size of stamps: 36 x 25,5 mm
  • Size of sheet: 2 x 20 stamps
  • Perforation: 13 per 2 cm
  • Printing method: 4-color offset
  • Printing house: Cartor Security Printing
  • Description:

    One of two 2017 Christmas stamps, the other featuring Gingerbread house/2 (Världen = Worldwide).

    The denomination Julpost implies that the stamp may be used to addressees in Åland, Finland and Sweden as a more favourable postage for Christmas greetings during a limited period in November and December every year. The value of Julpost stamps varies according to the current postage tariffs.

    Stamps with a Julpost denomination may be used as postage all year round. The current value is based on the most recent tariff for Christmas mail.


  • Price: 0,70
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Christmas 2017, Gingerbread house/1
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