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Åland Post's 2016 Christmas seals support people in need

On 10 October, we issue the 2016 Christmas seals. The profit from the sale of Christmas seals will be donated to the 'Matbanken' (food bank) project that helps both families with children and individuals in Åland who are currently in a difficult financial position with food and other necessities.

Åland Christmas seals may be used as decoration on Christmas greetings and parcels. Funds from the sale of Christmas seals are granted to charity alternatively in support of projects which benefit the Åland society. This year's beneficiary is the Matbanken project, a co-operation between the parish of Mariehamn, Save the Children - Åland, the Social Mission, the Mission Covenant Church and the Pentecostal Church.

Matbanken started in 2010, and aims to help individuals and families with children in Åland who are in current financial crisis and in urgent need of food and other basic necessities. Today, some 70 households receive help from Matbanken on a weekly basis. Principally financed by donations, the project receives food donations from whole sale dealers, farmers, a few shops as well as private persons. The project employs a part-time coordinator; however, almost all pick-ups and deliveries are handled by volunteers. The Christmas seal grant will be used for the activities of the Matbanken.

Designed by Swedish illustrator Maja Lindberg, this year's Christmas seals go hand in hand with the Christmas stamps that Maja has also designed. The sheet of 20 self-adhesive seals shows Christmas elves getting busy for Christmas time.

Date of issue 10 October 2016
Artist Maja Lindberg
Edition 5000 sheets of 20 self-adhesive seals
Price €5.00
Seal size 30.6 x 25.8 mm
Sheet size 210 x 145 mm
Paper Jac-Chromo Gloss 80 g/m²
Printing method 4-colour offset + silver
Printing house Oy Fram Ab

Charge for Christmas with Åland Christmas stamps

10 October sees the issue of two Christmas stamps from Åland Post. Designed by Swedish illustrator Maja Lindberg, the stamps show charming Christmas elves preparing for the season.

This year, Swedish artist Maja Lindberg makes her debut as stamp artist for Åland Post. She has also illustrated this year's Christmas seals that complement the two Christmas stamps. Maja pondered for some time before she thought of a suitable theme but, having decided on the Christmas elves, it didn't take her long to create the motifs.
"I wanted to create a sense of Christmas in my illustrations; a wintry scenery under a starry bright sky and tiny Christmas elves preparing for Christmas."
The No Value Indicator stamp "Julpost" is primarily used for posting

Christmas greetings from Åland to destinations in Finland and Sweden during a limited period prior to Christmas. The value of the NVI stamp "Världen" is the equivalent of the postage for priority mail up to 20 gram from Åland to the rest of the world. The Christmas stamps may, of course, be used all the year according to the current postage tariffs. When the tariffs increase, so does the denominational value of these NVI stamps.

Date of issue 10 October 10.2016
Artists Maja Lindberg
Edition 200 000 x 140 000
Denominations Julpost (€0.70) Världen (€1.30)  
Price FDC €2.70
Stamp size 35,4 x 26 mm
Sheet sizes 2 x 20 stamps
Paper 110 g/m²
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Printing method 4-colour offset + PMS Silver
Printing house Cartor Security Printing

Åland Post focuses on the Year of the Rooster

On 11 November, in time for the Year of the Rooster, a miniature sheet featuring two roosters will be issued. Created by Swedish stamp engraver and artist Martin Mörck, the miniature sheet is an issue in the Åland Post's stamp series focusing on the twelve Chinese zodiac animals.

Martin Mörck has played a considerable part in Åland Post's promotion of Åland stamps on the Asian and Chinese markets. Chinese collectors will be familiar with Martin who has acted as engraving instructor at the Postage Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post Group (PSPB) in Beijing. He also mentored the Chinese engraving students who designed the 2014 miniature sheet featuring Åland sheep, the first issue in the Åland stamp series focusing on the Chinese zodiac signs. This time, Martin has personally created the lovely design showing two roosters in an Åland archipelago setting. Issued in good time for the Year of the Rooster 2017, the Chinese symbols on the miniature sheet translate into Year of the Rooster and were written by Zhen Jia Hong.

The issue features roosters of the Swedish native poultry stock Hedemora, the most common breed in Åland. Originating from Swedish province of Dalarna, it is a stout and hardy breed. Adapting well to Nordic climate, it has a dense and downy plumage. The breed appears in a variety of colour patterns of black, white, blue and wild/wheat.

Date of issue 11 November 2016
Artist Martin Mörck
Edition 85 000
Denominations 2 x €2.00
Price FDC €4.70
Stamp size 40 x 52 mm
Miniature sheet size 170 x 95 mm
Paper 110 g/m²
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Printing method 4-colour offset PMS Gold
Printing house Cartor Security Printing

This year's Åland stamps in stylish pack

Adorned with the handsome rooster designed by artist Martin Mörck, the 2016 Year Set of Åland stamps will be available as of 11 November.

11 November also sees the issue of the 2016 miniature sheet issued prior to the Year of the Rooster, which is the source of inspiration for the cover illustration of the set. The 2016 issues cover a wide range of subjects, from sailing ships, historic events and local cuisine to ABBA Björn's homage to the Åland archipelago.
The stamps are conveniently mounted in the Year Set and, in addition to the Rooster miniature sheet, the set includes the medicinal plants booklet and a 2016 postal label showing a message in a bottle as part of the ‘Beach finds' series. Each issue is presented with the date of issue and the artist's name in English as well as in German, Swedish and Finnish.

Date of issue 11 November 2016
Edition 10 500
Price €39.10

Model car no. 34, a classic van from times gone by

October sees the issue of Åland Post's model car no. 34. Produced by Corgi in scale 1:76, this lovely red Bedford CA van from around 1960 is decorated with the two 2016 Christmas stamps. A numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies the car.

Edition 2800
Price €21.95

2016 Sepac folder

The seventh SEPAC folder has the common theme Seasons. The folder contains 12 SEPAC stamps from the following participating postal services: the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta and Monaco. SEPAC stands for Small European Postal Administrations' Cooperation.

Date of issue 5 September 2016
Price €15.00

Premier football champions celebrated with Åland stamp issue


Congratulating local football team IFK Mariehamn to winning the 2016 Veikkausliiga Championship, Åland Post issues a customized stamp in the frame of My Stamps. The Åland Gold Medal stamp is now available to order in the Post's web shop.

Honouring the stunning achievement by IFK Mariehamn football team in winning the 2016 Finnish Premier League Championship, Åland Post is pleased to produce a unique special stamp which will be available as of 26 October. The stamp is produced using the online

My Stamps service, offering private persons and companies the possibility to design personalized Åland stamps.

Placed in a mini-sheet of 8 identical stamps, the special stamp from Åland Post shows a photo by Daniel Eriksson. The frame of the mini-sheet appeared in 2015 and is designed by Brand Manager Cecilia Mattsson of Åland Post. The denomination of the stamp is Europa (current value €1.30), and it may be used as postage for letters and cards posted in Åland to any destination in the world.

The limited edition of the stamp is 1000 sheets, and the minimum order is a sheet of 8 stamps sold at €12.50 + handling fee. The mini-sheet can only be ordered in the web shop of Åland Post at

Please note that this special issue is not included in the Post's official issuing program, exactly as is the case with the exhibition stamps produced for stamp exhibitions around the world in which Åland Post takes part. On 1 October 2015, Åland Post issued a similar special stamp honouring the historic achievement by IFK Mariehamn in winning the 2015 Finnish Cup final.

Having played in the Veikkausliiga since 2005, the IFK Mariehamn football team won their season-ender of the 2016 Finnish Veikkausliiga (premier league) on 23 October 2016, hence winning the championship for the first time. The 2015 Finnish Cup title was the first national title of the club.

Date of issue 26 October 2016
Daniel Eriksoon/Cecilia Mattsson
Edition 1000
Denominations Världen (€1.30 x 8)
Price €12.50
Sheet size 1 x 8 stamps
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